Welcome to Deliberate Excellence

By Blog Administrator

Welcome to the new official blog for Baltimore County Public Schools. This forum is one of many initiatives launched at the direction of Superintendent S. Dallas Dance to boost the quantity and quality of dialogue between the school system and the community in our united quest for deliberate excellence in our schools.

Here you will find posts written by the Superintendent and a wide range of other school system leaders regarding public education trends and BCPS’ progress and operations.

Please participate in this dialogue by sending us comments about blog posts and by suggesting topics for us to address. We look forward to hearing from you.

(From the BCPS Web site, you can reach this blog by clicking on the “b” icon seen above.)


One thought on “Welcome to Deliberate Excellence

  1. The article regarding middle schools is “right on time.” I feel that in the United States of America too much time has always been spent on social adjustment. Social adjustment is important but should be focused on once students understand what is most important. Surviving and thriving in the state of our global society. Our society needs to get back to the basics, academics! And it should start as far back as kindergarten. Another important factor for continued academic success is proper test taking skills. Some students know the material but test poorly due to the format which tests are written under. I would like proper test taking skills to be taught in our schools. We can succeed but need to again get back to basics. Lastly said, everyone must work together. This is just not to be acheived by school administration but also parents, grandparents, etc. Looking forward to all of our childrens’ continued success!

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