Learn about the 2014 Baltimore County Public Schools Scholarship Loan Program

Baltimore County Public Schools is happy to announce the return of our annual Scholarship Loan Program.  This scholarship encourages our current students, interested in a career in education, to return to Baltimore County Schools as teachers upon the completion of their degree in education.

Graduating BCPS seniors accepted as loan recipients will receive $4,000 per year for up to four years.  The award may be used for tuition, fees, books, or educational supplies.  After earning a degree from an approved Maryland teacher education program, these former BCPS students will return to BCPS as teachers and role models for students.

Baltimore County students who are interested in this opportunity must fulfill the following requirements and can apply by doing the following:

  • Must currently be a high school senior with a minimum GPA of 2.80
  • Must submit, along with the application, a resume documenting school and community activities and a total of three references.  Two references can be from classroom teachers, guidance counselors, and/or principals.  One reference should be from a community service representative or employer.
  • Must write an essay describing an educational experience that impacted their life and inspired them to pursue a career in education.

Upon receiving the BCPS Scholarship Loan recipients must agree to:

  • Sign and return a promissory note agreeing to teach full-time in a Baltimore County public school, one year for each year of the award.
  • Enroll full-time (12+ credits per semester) in an approved teacher education program at in institution in Maryland.
  • Declare an education major and commit to teach in a critical need subject area (mathematics, science, special education, technology education, and/or world languages) as defined by the Maryland State Department of Education.
  • Maintain residency in Maryland
  • Begin employment as a full-time teacher within six months of college graduation.

Scholarship applicants can acquire literature and application through their high school’s guidance office as well as online at http://www.bcps.org/students/

For further information please contact Joelle Skorczewski, Personnel Officer, Office of Staff Relations, x2095.

Submitted by: Office of Staff Relations and Employee Performance Management

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