Scotts Branch Teacher wins NcouragED Educator Award

Mr. Wilmer, a grade 5 teacher at Scotts Branch Elementary School, was born to be a teacher, even if he didn’t know it at first. As the oldest of seven siblings, teaching came naturally to him and he always enjoyed helping his brothers and sisters with their homework. Although he initially went to school for journalism, he soon realized while being a substitute teacher after college that teaching was his calling.

During a substitute teaching gig at Randallstown Elementary School, Lois Stokes, the principal there, noticed Mr. Wilmer’s talent and took him under her wing. She saw before he did that he was destined to become a teacher, and she could not have been more right. After just two years in the classroom, Mr. Wilmer is already winning awards for his compassion, kindness, and heart. He recently won the 2014 NcouragED Educator Award, which recognizes teachers who facilitate emotional strength in students and colleagues and encourage their fellow teachers.

“It’s not only my job to teach the content but also the importance of relationships and getting along with each other. I like positive energy…it forces me not only to teach math and science but also coping skills, how to get along with each other, how to treat people, and how to deal with conflict, because that’s what I value in my life. It’s very important for me to teach students a positive way to look at life even though they may not be in a positive circumstance.”

NcouragED is a virtual network of educators who support each other through encouragement, camaraderie, information, and resource sharing.The organization works to strengthen the “soul of education” by encouraging educators and those they seek to educate.


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