Pikesville Middle student, Avimech President-CEO discuss alternative energy

pikesville_MSWhen Morgan Kaler, Grade 8 student at Pikesville Middle School, completed a recent project for science class, she knew that she had worked her hardest. Never did she expect, however, that her efforts to lead would amount to more than a grade in the gradebook. Never did she expect that until they did, that is.

Students in Nancy Green’s Gifted and Talented (GT) Environmental Science class at Pikesville Middle recently completed an assignment in which they researched alternative energy and prepared a PowerPoint presentation. The final step in the assignment called for the student to reach out into the real world by writing a letter proposing a solution or alternative form of energy to someone in the field.

Kaler researched hydrogen fuel, a type of alternative energy that omits water vapor. This week, Kaler received a written response to her letter. President-CEO of Avimech International Aircraft, Ricardo Cavalcanti, wrote back to Kaler and posted her letter on his Kickstarter page, which is raising money for a green helicopter, known as the “Dragonfly.”

In his response, Cavalcanti begins by saying that he feels “blessed” to have received her letter. Cavalcanti also lauds Kaler’s research and credits her letter with making his project “worth the whole campaign.” He encourages Kaler to spread the word about the project and continue thinking about the future.

Kaler said that she was very surprised to hear back from Cavalcanti: “At first, I didn’t believe it.” She added, “He was really personable and kind.”

Kaler’s science teacher is also very pleased. Green celebrated that “these are the types of student-community interactions that turn our science class into a real-world learning experience.”

To see Kaler’s letter and Cavalcanti’s response, visit www.kickstarter.com/projects/392001293/the-evolutionary-green-helicopter-dragonfly/posts.





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