Western Tech student creates a learning app, now available on Google Play!

IsiahIsiah Manns walks us through how he came up with the idea to create a math learning app and how Western School of Technology helped him get there

My name is Isiah Manns, and I attend Western School of Technology and Environmental Science, a career and technology magnet school and, now, a Blue Ribbon School! My magnet is IT – Programming. During the past three years, I’ve had some experience with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, C++, LUA, Java and more. I came across Corona SDK, a 2D development platform, during my sophomore year. Corona compiles code written in LUA, a very flexible programming language. Since January 2013, I’ve been playing around with Corona, implementing new features as the engine updated.

I started Operation 99 in April 2014 and took three and half months to finish it. I enjoyed every step of the process – from coming up with a few rough sketches and storyboarding to implementing what I had on paper into code. Toward the end of the 2013-2014 school year, I built sample demos, downloaded them to my phone and let my peers and teachers play them and give feedback. I took note on aspects that they liked and did not like. Once I fixed certain issues, I let them play the demos again. This process continued until I was happy with the app.

Operation 99 is a simple math app targeted toward students who could use improvement on their basic algebra skills – namely, addition and subtraction. It also can be a fun game for everyone to enjoy and improve their mental math skills!

I came up with this game from a small project that we had to create in class using Visual Basic. The assignment was to create a “number bonds” game where the user would be shown two numbers of an addition problem and would have to guess the missing operand. (For instance, 5 + _ = 7. Answer: 2)

In Operation 99, random totals as well as a grid of random numbers between one and 15 inclusive will appear endlessly. An operation also will be highlighted. To play, tap the number tiles to add or subtract their values in the order that you selected them. Try to survive 99 seconds of this while allowed only 10 seconds to complete each problem. If you get three problems incorrect, you lose. If you fail to complete a problem in 10 seconds or fewer, you lose. I incorporated a point-based store for users to purchase hints and other items to help win the game. The game is fun, challenging and addictive!

A special thanks goes out to Corona Labs and my programming teacher, Mr. Louis Foster. Throughout the past three years, he’s taught my class so many programming languages. He’s the one who introduced us to Corona! He’s a great motivator and is willing to do more than necessary to get students to master the curriculum. I was able to get a four on the AP Computer Science Exam with his assistance!

Operation 99 by FXF Studios is now available on Google Play for free. To download the app, visit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fxfstudios.Operation99.

Isiah is currently working on optimizing the app for iOS devices. Operation 99 should be available on the App Store soon. Be sure to like FXF Studios on Facebook!


op99Main screenA screenB screenC



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