A magnet connection: Halstead teams up with middle, high school environmental science programs

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 3.58.33 PM

Who’s got the magnet connection? Halstead Academy of Art and Science – that’s who!

This school year, the environmental science magnet programs at Halstead and Loch Raven Technical Academy have teamed up, allowing students from Grades 3 and 6 to collaborate during dozens of exciting experiments. Covering a broad range of topics from electricity and gravity to rope-knotting and tarp-flipping, the group activities have sharpened not only the students’ science skills but their 21st-century skills, as well.

“These initiatives involved the 21st-century skills of cooperation, collaboration, communication, creative thinking and problem-solving,” said Susie Peeling, magnet coordinator at Halstead.

Established in the fall, this “dynamic environmental education partnership,” as Peeling puts it, seems to see no end in sight. In fact, students in the environmental science magnet programs will meet again at the National Aquarium in Baltimore to participate in a squid dissection investigation in February. Then, in March, Sparrows Point High School will join the two academies for Halstead’s Environmental Science Education Night, an event during which parents and students alike can learn more about the transition to each school’s environmental science magnet program.

“Our plans for February and March will allow for terrific vertical teaming,” added Peeling. “Halstead students feed into Loch Raven Technical Academy, and Sparrows Point High School enters as an opportunity for students to continue their study of environmental science.”

“Terrific,” indeed: as it continues to grow each school year, Halstead Academy’s magnet connection certainly is headed in the right direction!

Story idea and photos by Susie Peeling, magnet coordinator, Halstead Academy of Science and Art. Story by Blake Lubinski, consultant, Department of Communications and Community Outreach.


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