A blue view to ensue: school system to celebrate Team BCPS Day on Jan. 15

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 3.08.47 PM

There are teal and turquoise and indigo and iris, too. Cobalt, navy, royal and sapphire but they’re not the right hue. What is one to do when there are so many shades of blue?

Pick #BCPSblue, of course!

That’s right – it’s that time of year again: Team BCPS Day is Thursday, January 15!

Whether you’re a current, former or future student, teacher, employee, volunteer, community member, business or institution partner, or elected official, Team BCPS includes you! And what better way is there to show your spirit and support than by sporting the school system’s signature shade of blue?

Send your snapshots to Baltimore County Public Schools through email (communications@bcps.org), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BaltCoPS), Instagram (teambcps) or Twitter (@BaltCoPS, #BCPSblue) for a chance to have your photographs posted on the BCPS website. BCPS will select and share the best submissions in the following categories: youngest (age included); oldest (age included); most distant (location included); most creative; most spirited; most representative of Team BCPS ideals; best external stakeholder/community submission; and largest assembly (count included).

The second installment in what has become an annual tradition for the school district, Team BCPS Day is part of the ongoing “We Are Team BCPS” campaign. Designed to encourage engagement with and promote pride in the school system, the campaign offers multiple opportunities for involvement.

Story Sharing

What impact has BCPS had on your life? Let us know by sharing your story – including your name and your relation to the school system – in a short paragraph with a photograph or in a video. All testimonials submitted to communications@bcps.org will become the property of BCPS.

Alumni Roundup

Are you a graduate of BCPS? Join the alumni page of the BCPS website (www.bcps.org/students/alumni/default.html) by emailing communications@bcps.org with the name of your high school alma mater, a short description of your major achievements or activities and a summary of the ways in which BCPS prepared you for your future. Please include a high-resolution photograph with your profile.

E-newsletter Sign-up

Do you know what’s the latest in BCPS news? Sign up for the Team BCPS e-newsletter, which gives a run-down of recent happenings districtwide. To subscribe to the free newsletter, visit www.bcps.org/news/TeamBCPSNewsletter.html.

Here’s to the blue view that’s sure to ensue when Baltimore County celebrates Team BCPS Day on January 15!

Story by Blake Lubinski, consultant, Department of Communications and Community Outreach.

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