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The #TeamBCPS lighthouse website showcases the work being done by the 10 Elementary and 7 Middle Lighthouse Schools as they lead the way for Students and Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.). The Lighthouse Schools will be the first in the system to receive individual digital learning devices for students; implement one-to-one personalized and blended learning; and create an innovative, comprehensive digital learning culture. Lighthouse Schools will also serve as model demonstration sites, with a Teacher Leader Corp (TLC) turning their classrooms into learning labs.

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Check out excerpts from some of the latest posts here:

In reading we are doing research on legends and myths. We get to do all of our research on our devices in class. It is very different from elementary school because in elementary school we only had about 7 desktops in the classroom. Not everyone could do research at the same time. Now, we can all do anything on technology at the same time. I also like that I can finish my work at home on my device, including homework.  -Myles, a student at Windsor Mill Middle School

“My advice for those first few weeks is to be prepared to take it slow.  Find your patience, grab it, and don’t let go.” -Maureen Trentzsch, a teacher at Cockeysville Middle School


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