A mentoring partnership with a science twist

rhs_halstead_partnership2What do elementary and high school students have in common?
For the students at Halstead Academy, Pleasant Plains Elementary, and Randallstown High, the connection is science. The schools have developed a dynamic mentoring partnership to get Grade 5 students excited about science.
Jim Dyson, magnet coordinator at Randallstown High, kicked-off the program by visiting both Halstead Academy and Pleasant Plains on October 7 to excite the students about this unique learning opportunity.
After working on a DNA fruit extraction with the Randallstown High bio-medical magnet students, all Grade 5 students were invited to apply to participate in the partnership, which includes opportunities to travel to the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology in Baltimore for science investigations.
“The students are very excited about working with high school students and learning about science in the real world,” says Liz Ledl, a Grade 5 teacher at Halstead Academy.
Submitted by Susie Peeling, magnet coordinator, and Diane Fontinell, library media specialist, Halstead Academy

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