Education Foundation honors its elite partners

ryan-yu-2At its 2016 Elite Evening, The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools invited its most active partners to join Dr. S. Dallas Dance, BCPS superintendent, Deborah S. Phelps, director of The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, Inc., and its executive committee for a reception, dinner, and program to recognize and honor the partners for their citizenship, goodwill, and legacy. The commitment of the foundation’s elite partners underscores the strength of the business community’s dedication to Baltimore County schools and students.

An Elite Evening will recur every quadrennial, and, at each one, the Foundation will honor a carefully selected Philanthropist of the Quadrennial. This year’s distinguished recipient,  Ryan Yu, president of Daly Computers, provides continuous support of BCPS events, has hosted multiple BCPS Office of Innovation school site visitations, participated in the Team BCPS Back to School Involves You, Too! Campaign and Team BCPS Day, and is a Legacy Leader in The Greenwood Society. His company has been a trusted information technology service provider to both government and education customers for nearly 30 years.

In addition, the Legacy Leaders of The Greenwood Society were honored at the evening’s event, each receiving an artist rendering titled “Endless Opportunities.” This piece was created by Alena Lattik, a talented student at the George Washington Carver Center for  Arts and Technology.

The service provided by Team BCPS corporate citizens makes Baltimore County schools strong centers for learning and community activity, and this will contribute to BCPS becoming among the highest-performing school districts in the nation.


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