United in turkey feathers at Edgemere Elementary

smaller-turkeyThe leadership team at Edgemere Elementary School met before the presidential election to talk about a schoolwide activity they could do to celebrate diversity at the school and focus on unity. “We wanted to be purposeful,” said Principal Jennifer Lynch.
The project they created involved giving a paper feather to each student and asking the students to decorate the feathers and write on them with their families to share messages of kindness, community, and thankfulness. 
cw1w94eukaawwyaThe day after the election students returned with their paper feathers — which had been transformed with markers, crayons, glitter, pom poms, and even real feathers. And students gathered with their classmates to share what they had written.
Lynch described it as a wonderful opportunity to talk about the many things we have in common and what makes us special. Students and teachers discussed how beautiful all the feathers are together and how if you started removing or separating feathers it would not be that beautiful.
According to Lynch, feathers continue to be added to the turkey, which greets visitors in the front entry of the building. Students were excited that BCPS-TV came to do a story about the project.

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