Leading the Way: Meet J.J. Osoria

j-osoriaWant to meet a high school student who does more before 6 a.m. than most people do all day?

Meet Milford Mill senior Private First Class Josean Joel (J.J.) Osoria.

Osoria spent the summer before his senior year in Army basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. Due to basic training graduation, he had to start his senior year about a week and a half after his peers. With his work ethic, however, this was not a difficult challenge.

He has been enrolled in the Milford Mill MJROTC program since he entered the Milford Mill health sciences magnet program in Grade 9.

As a student who consistently represents his school and his family in an exemplary manner, Osoria also has distinguished himself as exceptional athlete. He plays both soccer and baseball. Plus, he holds a full-time job at Jiffy Lube and is  preparing to complete the 100+ hours of clinical work required to earn certification as a nursing assistant. Osoria’s certification through the magnet program will mean that he receives an increased ranking above the other newly enlisted servicemen.

In addition to his other activities, Osoria has begun assisting with school and community-based recruitment events for the Army and training enlisted soldiers who have not yet left for basic training. Additionally, he may be called in to assist with emergency situations in Maryland.

His ranking means that his role as a student in the MJROTC program has changed. He now serves as more of an assistant to Milford MJROTC instructors Major Luke Wright and Sergeant Troy Douglas.

While his friends say that he has changed and seems more mature and focused, Osoria says that he still feels the same and is excited about his future. He has received a full scholarship to Morgan State University where he plans to continue with JROTC and major in biology with the goal of becoming a military physician.


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