Why you should wear blue Jan. 12

It’s a simple ask: We want you to wear blue on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017.

That’s right. All of you.

By fulfilling this easy request, you will be showing your support for Baltimore County Public Schools. Our annual Team BCPS Day is Jan. 12, and we can’t wait.

Each year, this show of blue pride becomes a Team BCPS rallying cry. Students and staff will wear blue. So will business, community, education and faith partners. What an uncomplicated way to show support for public education in Baltimore County!

Once again this year, we are encouraging you to post your blue fashion choices on social media. Share them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #BCPSblue. You can also e-mail your photos to communications@bcps.org.

Want to share a video explaining why you are wearing blue and supporting BCPS? Post it. E-mail it. We would love to see it.  You know, something like this:

The #BCPSBlue fashion squad will be handing out awards for the most creative entries so remember to share them. Last year, we were blown away by the support, not just from students and staff, but from the community at large.

Questions? We have answers.

Q: Should we take group photos?

A: Absolutely. The more, the merrier! Note what West Towson Elementary did last year.

Q: Can my business participate?

A: You know it! Check out what Boscov’s employees did last year. We would love to get participation from many area businesses.

Q: I don’t live anywhere near Baltimore County. Should I join in?

A: The beauty of social media is we can participate no matter where we are. We even got a Tweet from San Diego last year.


Q: I’m planning to wear lots of blue. What if someone asks me why I’m wearing blue?

A: Tell them you are a proud supporter of Baltimore County Public Schools. We promise. You won’t be alone. You’ll get a “thumbs up.”

Q: Do celebrities participate?

A: Well, Michael Phelps and gold go well together. We already knew that. Turns out he also likes #BCPSBlue.

Q: What if it snows?

A: We have a contingency plan. If schools need to be closed for inclement weather, the snow date for Team BCPS Day is Thursday, Jan. 19.

Q: I’m a BCPS alumni in college but my school’s colors don’t have blue in them. What should I do?

A: Take a one-day reprieve from your school hooded sweatshirts and wear blue. Just for us.

So there you have it. Spend some time during winter break planning your glorious blue ensemble and join us for Team BCPS Day 2017!


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