Media Star Promotions donation benefits students at several schools


We can’t thank CEO Carin Lazarus (front left) and Media Star Promotions enough for partnering with The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools to assist students at several schools in the county.  Carin and the Media Star Promotions staff are pictured with Deborah S. Phelps (front right), the foundation’s executive director. 

It’s time for another Education Foundation success story! We appreciate the generosity of our partners.

Carin Lazarus, President/CEO of Media Star Promotions, wanted to give back to the Baltimore County Public Schools that surrounded her company, and that is exactly what she did.

Prior to winter break, Lazarus requested Shannon Dickerson, Program Analyst at Media Star, contact Deborah S. Phelps, Executive Director of The Education Foundation of BCPS, to strategically orchestrate her kind and generous giving.

Phelps worked collaboratively with George Roberts and Dr. Kregg Cuellar, BCPS Community Superintendents, Sharon Ochs, Director of the Office of Pupil Personnel Services, Karen Levenstein, Director of Food and Nutrition Services, and school-based principals/school counselors, pupil personnel workers and social workers to identify schools and their needs.

Having a two-fold purpose for Lazarus’ giving,  the company paid off the outstanding negative balance, or debt-owed, for identified elementary and middle school students that surrounded her headquarters. Through their kindness, Media Star Promotions also provided support for the needs of our homeless students in the identified schools.

Media Star provided winter outerwear items such as coats, jackets, boots, various clothing items, luggage and bags to store items and necessary supplies. All of these resources benefit safety and learning. This collaborative effort was definitely appreciated and will be long-lasting for many students.

“The school meal program is available to all students in every Baltimore County Public School,” Levenstein said. “Students who are unable to pay for school meals present challenges to the school meal program and creates a delinquent account. Contributions such as these allow for full hot meals to be provided to students instead of an alternative meal while attending school that day.”

“Working with our TEAM BCPS business and community partners makes a definite impact on our students in our schools,” Phelps said. “It does take our entire community working together to provide the necessary resources to ensure the success of our children. We appreciate the kindness and generosity of Ms. Lazarus and Media Star Promotions immensely.”

Here’s a list of schools who benefited from the generous donation: Cockeysville Middle School, Ridgely Middle School, Warren Elementary School, Padonia International School, Pot Spring Elementary School, Pinewood Elementary School, Lutherville Elementary School and Mays Chapel Elementary School and Timonium Elementary School.

Interested in learning more about The Education Foundation of BCPS? Contact Executive Director Deborah S. Phelps at 443-809-8962 or


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