Mission Moment: Dundalk Cluster Art Exhibit showcases student works


One of the hands-on activities at the Dundalk Cluster Art Exhibit. 

Here’s something bright to lighten up the winter days. Featured this week are the student artists of all ages who displayed their artwork last spring at their most recent Annual Dundalk Cluster Art Show & Curriculum Fair hosted at Dundalk High School. Students from Berkshire, Colgate, Dundalk, Logan and Norwood Elementary, Dundalk and Holabird Middle and Dundalk High schools turned the high school gym into a massive art gallery.

The show featured hundreds of student creations, along with performance art and hands-on art activities.

The Dundalk Cluster Art Exhibit Project includes students ranging from kindergarten through Grade 12, who participate in the program awarded through a 21st Century Initiative Grant from The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools.

Several other areas from Baltimore County have introduced this concept in their own communities, showcasing artwork from several schools under one roof. Each year, additional creative programs, including vocal music, instrumental music, and dance have been included during the art show. To complement the event, participants from culinary and technical work shops have also contributed services to enhance the event experience.

This wonderful initiative fosters collaboration between students and schools in the Dundalk area.  What a great way to connect the community and celebrate the talents of our students.


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