Loch Raven Technical Academy reaches students through restorative practices


Loch Raven Technical Academy staff learning more about restorative practices.

Communication is key and collaboration is constructive, especially when it comes to developing problem-solving skills that will help students become good citizens. This week’s focus features students and staff who are taking the time to become effective active listeners and communicators.

A 21st Century Instructional Initiative Grant awarded by The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, made it possible for school counselor Jessica DeShields, school psychologist Brittany Baker, and Principal Stacey Johnson to initiate lessons supporting this project at Loch Raven Technical Academy. These lessons not only help increase the overall school climate and morale, but affect the community in a positive way.

Through instructional methods and techniques, skills are acquired to help students be open and be responsive to new and diverse perspectives and incorporate group input and feedback into their work. Their thoughts and ideas are effectively communicated through oral, written and nonverbal communication skills in a variety of contexts. The outcome? Shared responsibility for collaborative work and value established for each individual’s contribution.

The art of communicating and excellent listening is reinforced through a variety of creative platforms.  What a great way to adopt to restorative practices.


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