Mission Moment: Think Clean. Think Wheelabrator!



Thanks to Mike Dougherty and Wheelabrator Technologies for gifting the Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools an Earth Friendly Scholarship. 

We’ve made a new friend!  Just in time for Earth Day on April 22.

Thanks to Mike Dougherty, market manager, and the employees at Wheelabrator Technologies. They have gifted an Earth Friendly Sponsorship of $6,000.



What Wheelabrator does

Think clean energy.

  • It helps preserve the land we live on … 3.4 million tons of metals are recovered from the waste stream that would be used in landfills.
  • It converts waste into energy … 90% of landfill waste materials are converted as a fuel to produce electricity and steam.
  • It improves the air we breathe. Every one ton of waste converted to energy = one ton of carbon dioxide avoided.

What is the TeamBCPS Clean Green 15: Litter Challenge?    

Everyone can participate in this green initiative. Through this program, BCPS schools and their community supporters conduct quick 15-minute litter clean-ups and compete to see which school communities can log the most clean-ups. Community groups include school-based groups, places of worship, youth groups, civic or community groups, scout troops, sports teams, businesses or other organizations, environmental organizations and others that wish to help clean up their community.

Are you participating in the Clean Green 15: Litter Challenge?  It’s not too late. School communities should be starting now. The grant award will be announced in May. To get involved and learn more, click here at http://educationfoundationbcps.org/grants/clean-green-15-grants/

You can register there for participation by clicking on the additional link provided on that page.

Where will the grant money go?

The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools awards grants to the top winning schools to fund school-based instructional projects emphasizing the theme of environmental literacy.  This grant is in partnership with The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools and the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability, in support of the Team BCPS Clean Green 15 initiative.

Partnerships like these keep our earth clean!

Note: The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools works in collaboration with Mrs. Ellen Kobler, Deputy Communications Director, Baltimore County Office of Communications, for all TEAM BCPS Clean Green 15: Litter Challenge Initiatives. 


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