Mission Moment: Dine in or dine out in the month of May


We look forward to eating out, and why not? A favorite restaurant, delicious food, laughter at the table, no cleanup.

There will be an added benefit in May.

The “Eat to Empower” campaign is a way to dine with a purpose. Our friends at The Tamrac Insurance Group have sponsored an initiative with local restaurants to help fight food insecurity in Baltimore by giving 2 dozen restaurants and their patrons the opportunity to support the growth and education of our community’s children, simply by eating.

The Eat to Empower campaign will run through the month of May. During this month, partnering restaurants have pledged to donate the greater of 10% of their revenue or $500 to support the campaign.  Proceeds will go directly to The Education Foundation of BCPS, Inc. and Empower4life to support programs which work to make a difference in the nutrition and well-being of Baltimore’s children.

Approximately 13,000 children enrolled in Maryland schools are experiencing homelessness. In Baltimore County alone, 1 in 3 children live in poverty, making access to safe housing and healthy food an everyday struggle.

So let’s help our students in need.

If you’d rather enjoy a home-cooked meal instead of eating out, you can also donate directly online.

Participation is simple.  The list of participating restaurants is listed on the website provided below.

Learn more, by visiting their website: http://www.eattoempower.com/


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