Join us in celebrating BCPS Teacher Appreciation Week


During a recent visit to Chatsworth School in Reisterstown, a brightly colored bulletin board got our attention.

The text: We love our teachers

The shape: A heart

Baltimore County Public Schools is honored to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week May 8-12. It’s our chance to recognize educators who go above and beyond to ensure students are successful. Teachers serve as mentors, coaches, advisers, and proctors. They grade assignments on nights and weekends.

Many schools will hold special events for teachers this week as a thank you for their hard work in 2016-17. But here are five simple ways you can show a teacher you care. And it doesn’t have to be just this week.

Thank them: A simple thank you goes a long way. Everyone enjoys feeling appreciated.

Make them a present: We’ve seen a few great examples of this already. Here’s one of our favorites:

Follow them on Twitter: Many of our teachers post frequent updates about classroom and staff happenings on social media. Help them grow their audience and participate in the conversation.

Write a thank-you note: We’re all busy. Technology is everywhere. But a hand-written thank you note still goes a long way.

Remember them during graduation season: Teachers love hearing from former students when they graduate. It is a wonderful feeling knowing they helped a student reach a life milestone.


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