Mission Moment: Every Page Tells Our Story in Baltimore County Public Schools


We didn’t always have school buses to transport students to and from school.

What did the first school bus look like?  Did you know that the first “school buses” were not buses, but actually horse-drawn wagons?

Did you know that schools where once identified by a number rather than a name?  Why?

How did the schools system support population fluctuation and segregation?

Who were the mentors of our school leaders and what kind of impact did they have on the shaping of our schools?

What inspired the author to write the book “Building the Future”?

These were just a few of many questions answered on Sunday, May 7, at the reception “Every Page Tells Our Story.” We were joined by former Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools, Dr. Robert Y. Dubel, who served from 1976-1992, along with our current Superintendent Dr. S. Dallas Dance and the author of the book,“ Building the Future,” E. Farrell Maddox.  The distinguished panel was drawn together for questions from our accomplished educator and Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Sean McComb, who was the recipient of the 2014 National Teacher of the Year, after being named 2014 Maryland Teacher of the Year and 2014 Baltimore County Teacher of the Year.


It was an honor to have E. Farrell Maddox, Dr. S. Dallas Dance, and Dr. Robert Dubel on hand to discuss the history of Baltimore County Public Schools.

A wealth of knowledge was shared as many stories brought laughter, tears, surprise and understanding to the forefront, explaining the detailed history behind Baltimore County Public Schools over the past century. We learned that the buildings that housed students and their educators are the gateway to those stories. As some of those buildings still stand today, having gone through renovations and modernization efforts, others have been replaced with facilities that sustain the elements of today’s required essentials preparing our students for global readiness.

Among the many people in the audience were personalities who have contributed to our school system, in both past and present capacities, as well as members of the Historical Society of Baltimore County.  The audience’s mingling of ideas and perspective contributed to a very interesting question and answer session.

At the end of the event, Mrs. Michelle Prumo and Mr. Sean McComb were celebrated as Legacy Leaders in our Greenwood Society, joining the cadre of community and business partners who support public education in Baltimore County.  Mrs. Prumo was also presented with a certificate as Honorary Lifetime Member of The Education Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools along with our distinguished guest, Dr. Robert Y. Dubel.


Dr. Dubel and Dr. Dance participated in a book signing following the event.

We look forward to additional events like this in the future.  They will take place in various areas of the county, in hopes of creating a fresh venue of topics for discussion relevant to the geographic of the event location.

We hope to see you the next time as guest panelists and author will share their historical journey of the 292 years of Baltimore County Public Schools!

For additional information please visit www.educationfoundationbcps.org

Proceeds from ‘Building the Future” provide Baltimore County Public School students with the resources to attend post-secondary education and obtain the knowledge and skills needed to be globally competitive. 


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