Welcome to Hillywood: Hillcrest Elementary celebrates Grade 5 students

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CATONSVILLE — Each spring, Hillcrest Elementary passers-by can spot dozens of gold stars posted outside the school.

They have entered Hillywood,  where Hillcrest Elementary honors each Grade 5 student with a gold star bearing their name.

Graduations are reserved for Grade 12, of course. But Team BCPS schools honor their departing students in their own unique ways.

At Hillcrest Elementary, the relatively new tradition means a miniature Walk of Fame. We will let Principal Dr. Doug Elmendorf explain:

“A few years ago, one of our amazing parents saw the Grade 5 students making the stars as a craft at the end-of-year picnic,” he said. “She suggested that we ask Home Depot to donate paint stirrers so we could attach them to the stars and stake them into the front lawn on the morning of the Fifth Grade Farewell Ceremony.”

The students enjoy finding the star with their names on them:








At the end of the day, the stars are moved to the Catonsville High School lawn so that students will see them when they arrive for the evening.

And when the evening is over? They are free to take those Hillywood stars home. This is just one of many celebrations for Grade 5 students across the county.

Among them:

At Edgemere Elementary, you have the Grade 5 clap-out:

More cheers at Timber Grove Elementary:

At Rodgers Forge Elementary, you have a Grade 5 celebration, complete with well wishes on the official school sign:

A rocket-inspired farewell at Sparks Elementary:

A celebration at Lyons Mill Elementary:

A fond farewell at Padonia International Elementary:

An awards ceremony at Colgate Elementary:

Best wishes to the Team BCPS students starting middle school in 2017-18. Keep being your own star!


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