Mission Moment: After the Diploma


The roots of Baltimore County Public Schools have extended towards many paths, branching out in directions that lead, inspire, and reach back, uplifting others as they continue their journey. Through The Education Foundation of BCPS, we witness the stories of those who once walked the halls of our public schools, students who graduated, taking with them the tools to move forward.

Many BCPS alumni have invested their very own time, talent, and treasure in the future of our schools: locally, nationally, and on the global platform. From Chamber of Commerce presidents, marketing gurus, CEOs, grant resource partners, public servants, and entrepreneurs, to teachers, authors, parents, lawyers, artists, doctors, and, yes, even Olympic champions, their successes are sincere as we watch them give back to their communities.

Every child who walks through the doors of Baltimore County Public Schools is given the opportunity to make a difference in the world. As they grow, some do this in ways that are large and some in ways that are small. Many look for ways to channel their efforts, finding themselves among other talented individuals who choose to give back through joining The Emerging Leaders Council of The Education Foundation. Through this council, BCPS alumni find ways to impact the community, take action, and introduce innovative inroads to help transform the days ahead for BCPS.

We invite all who wish to take part in exploring foundation work for BCPS to contact our headquarters and let us know how you would like to become involved. We also invite you to tell us your story. How are you making a mark on the world today? Every story told is a lesson shared.

Visit our website. Join us. See whose stories we will tell as we showcase BCPS alumni monthly on our Emerging Leaders page.


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