Kindness matters: Students promote bullying awareness in a variety of ways

Kindness matters photo from Gunpowder Elementary

Gunpowder Elementary students remind their classmates that kindness matters while sharing morning announcements with their classmates. Photo courtesy of Brianna Sosnowski.

At Gunpowder Elementary, students started the week with an uplifting message during morning announcements: Kindness matters.

The rectangular, red photo frame promoting #BCPSBeKind was one of the many ways #TeamBCPS promoted Bullying Awareness Week. Each day, students and staff wore a specific color representing a positive virtue:

  • Blue for civility on Monday
  • Green for equity on Tuesday
  • Yellow for empathy on Wednesday
  • Red for respect on Thursday
  • Purple for positivity on Friday

Participation was widespread.

But the kindness and anti-bullying efforts did not stop there.

Students across the county signed anti-bullying pledges, a promise to treat all their classmates with kindness and respect. Here was the scene at Pikesville Middle:

In Lauren Goldberg’s classroom at Chesapeake Terrace Elementary, students sat in a circle and shared compliments.

Kenwood High student leaders discussed bullying and then encouraged their classmates to sign a pledge.

Nine #TeamBCPS schools and programs were recognized as being 2016-2017 Schools of Character by the Maryland Center for Character Education at Stevenson University. Warren Elementary was one of seven schools in the state to be named a Maryland School of Character for exhibiting excellence in character education.

The full list of schools recognized:

  • Chesapeake Terrace Elementary
  • Glyndon Elementary
  • Meadowood Education Center
  • Middle River Middle
  • Norwood STEM
  • Owings Mill Elementary
  • Pine Grove Middle
  • Warren Elementary
  • Wellwood International

Thanks to all the #TeamBCPS students and staff who helped promote Bullying Awareness Week and helped spread #BCPSBeKind.


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