Randallstown High celebrates partnership with Northwest Hospital

Photo of Randallstown High Academy of Health Professions students

Reniya Avery, left, and Aaliyah Phillippe-Auguste are Grade 10 students enrolled in Randallstown High’s Academy of Health Professions. Avery is an aspiring surgeon, Phillippe-Auguste an aspiring forensic pathologist.

RANDALLSTOWN — Randallstown High Grade 10 student Aaliyah Phillippe-Auguste is an inquisitive student who likes figuring out why events unfolded. She figures completing autopsies as a forensic pathologist is the right fit for her.

Reniya Avery, her classmate, has always enjoyed helping others. She is an aspiring surgeon, a career interest that gained steam long ago when she watched the TV drama “Grey’s Anatomy” and noticed Jackson Avery, one of the characters on the show, was a surgeon.

Phillippe-Auguste and Avery are students in Randallstown High’s Academy of Health Sciences Magnet Program. They aspire to work in the health care field. Getting a chance to see what happens day-to-day at a hospital would be invaluable to them.

And they will get that chance, thanks to Randallstown High’s partnership with Northwest Hospital, a LifeBridge Health Center. Randallstown High celebrated its partnership with Northwest with a banner unveiling Nov. 13. Phillippe-Auguste and Avery were the featured speakers.

The high school and the hospital are just two miles apart. Randallstown High students are already getting valuable experience there.

Next year, Randallstown High’s Grade 11 Academy of Health Sciences students will get a chance to visit the hospital and learn more about health care professions in a series of rotations. As Grade 12 students, they will get a chance to focus on the health care field that most interests them.

“I’m thankful to get this opportunity,” Philippe-Auguste said. “I’ll get to focus more on what I’m really interested in.”

Randallstown High Principal Aubrey Brown called the Academy of Health Professions Grade 10 students trailblazers.

“These are our future doctors and leaders,” he said, pointing to the students dressed in their official blue Academy of Health Professions collar shirts.

Brian White, the President of Northwest Hospital, is dedicated to getting to know the students. After the banner unveiling, Academy of Health Professions students were eager to get their picture taken with him.

He was happy to oblige.

“We’re not here to tell you that you can’t,” he said. “We are here to tell you that you can. You are too great to think small. There’s nothing you cannot do.”

Avery said she is determined to work hard and make her career aspirations a reality.

“I want to be a doctor because that is what I feel like I was put on Earth to do,” she said. “All I want to do is help people.”


Northwest Hospital President Brian White poses with Academy of Health Professions Magnet Students at a banner unveiling at Randallstown High School.


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