Mission Moment: State of the Schools returns in 2018 at new venue

2017 State of the Schools

Students are at the focus of our annual State of the Schools celebration!

Who is The Education Foundation of BCPS and where are we going?  Our annual signature event, State of the Schools, is once again providing us with the opportunity to partner with ambassadors of the foundation, new and old, to bring the community and Baltimore County Public Schools together and share the vision past, present and future.

As our partnerships grow, the foundation is able to provide the resources needed by our schools to extend, enrich, and enhance school programs through scholarships and grant awards. These opportunities are the products of creative ideas, brought to life by students and educators. They help students become globally competitive and contribute to productive communities.

Ed Foundation logo

Sharing these experiences has become a focus for our signature event. We will celebrate our 25-year anniversary by providing a new venue and location. It provides us with the ability to showcase exhibits that complement the wide reach BCPS extends through learning programs. Our new “Learning Walk of Knowledge,” located on the concourse of Towson University SECU Arena, will display these student-centered exhibits.  They will provide authentic examples of impactful inroads the many BCPS offices and departments are making, allowing our students to graduate not only with a diploma, but also with, as Ms. Verletta White, interim Superintendent would say, a “gift with purchase.” These experiences and programs are seeds of inspiration that take learning beyond the classroom, towards career paths, motivated by BCPS curriculum.

We are excited to share the beginning phases of the event and look forward to tell more. Exhibits will showcase areas of studies that include, Construction & Development, Manufacturing Engineering & Technology, Health & Bio Sciences, Arts Media & Communications, Young Composers, Hospitality, Film, Visual Arts, Song and Dance. The experience hopes to broaden the range BCPS and the foundation are impacting the schoolhouse, through our partnerships.

In the meantime, please visit our web site.  There you can discover ways to become an education champion for State of the Schools 2018, through, time, talent and treasure in more ways than one.  Join us.  Impact our future.

State of the Schools 2018 will take place at Towson University SECU Arena on March 28, 2018.

Learn more via our web site.


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