Soldier surprises Logan Elementary students with classroom visit

Photo of Army Specialist Joe Lazzaro with students

U.S. Army Specialist Joe Lazzaro surprised Grade 3 students at Logan Elementary with a visit Dec. 19. Sabrina Hergenroeder, his sister, is the classroom teacher. Photos courtesy of Jill Bender.

DUNDALK — It was a top-secret operation for U.S. Army Specialist Joe Lazzaro.

The mission: Visit Logan Elementary. Find his sister’s classroom. Then surprise both Sabrina Hergenroeder, and her students, with an early holiday visit home.

With the support of Logan Elementary Principal Jill Bender, he was able to pull it off.

Understandably, there were tears.

“It was a great moment to be part of,” Bender said. “The teacher was not the only one with moist eyes.”



U.S. Army Specialist Joe Lazzaro completes push-ups during a surprise holiday visit to his sister’s classroom at Logan Elementary.

Next year, Lazzaro will be deployed, likely far away from his friends and family. But those letters can keep coming. From the Logan Elementary students. From his sister. And everyone will benefit.

To Specialist Lazzaro and all those serving our country from Team BCPS, a sincere thank you and best wishes for the holiday season.




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