Mission Moment: Formation of advisory council will assist foundation programs

Education Foundation Advisory Committee

Thank you to all who are serving on the Education of Baltimore County Public Schools’ Advisory Commitee.

The Education of Baltimore County Public Schools has grown in more ways than one by establishing a new Advisory Council.

The purpose of the council is to offer the foundation advice to effectively navigate and provide prospective on topics pertaining to future endeavors.

Our first meeting was held Feb. 9 in Towson.  The conversation carried throughout the meeting was compelling.  By identifying the needs of the school house with the perspective of our advisers, we can communicate those needs to our partners in the community.

Our newly appointed advisers consist of community members who carry the voices of educators, parents, alumni, non-profits, government, workforce development, and more. This new platform brings stakeholders together to expand the conversation as advisers who experience the world of education up close. It is our hope that through this newly established advisory council we can bridge relationships, resulting in collaborative programs that can support equity throughout the district.

As a result, the foundation has grown in numbers as well as knowledge which will allow the foundation to elevate its mission. We look forward to future discussions as well as sharing more information.

In addition, we would like to thank our distinguished list of individuals who have volunteered their time and expertise by accepting their positions on the advisory council.

Stay tuned.  New information will be posted on our web site.

The Education Foundation Advisory Council of 2018

  • Alicia Bojanowski, CEO, Zest Social Media, represents BCPS Alumni
  • Cheryl Brooks, Principal, Berkshire Elementary School, represents elementary education
  • Aubrey Brown, Principal, Randallstown High School, represents secondary education
  • Doug Eder, President, Oak Contracting is the President, The Education Foundation of BCPS
  • Rebecca Eig, Second Grade Teacher, Owings Mills Elementary School, represents teachers
  • Alicia Fales, Supervisor, School to Career Transition, BCPS, represents  Workforce Development
  • Douglas Handy, Director, CTE and Fine Arts, BCPS, represents apprenticeships
  • MaryBeth Hyland, Founder & Chief Visionary, represents SparkVision
  • Farrell Maddox, Retired BCPS Teacher, Author & Artist, represents retired teachers
  • Steve Miller, Consultant, New Vision Academy, represents indpendent schools
  • Yolanda Pruitt, Executive Director, Montgomery County Foundation, represents outside the district
  • George Roberts, Community Superintendent, BCPS, represents district office
  • Sasha Schultz, Executive Leader. Change Agent. Strategy. Execution, represents parents
  • Josh Smith, Dean of The School of Education, Loyola University, represents higher Education

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