Our BCPS Story is the official blog of Baltimore County Public Schools in Maryland.  Designed for a wide range of audiences, Our BCPS Story focuses on the “how” and “why” of our school system’s initiatives. Primarily issue-oriented, entries explore trends in public education, analyze data, describe how our offices support teaching and learning in the schools, and discuss the role of families, businesses, higher education, and the community in strengthening our schools.

About Baltimore County Public Schools

Led by Interim Superintendent Verletta White, Baltimore County Public Schools is the nation’s 25th largest school system, educating more than 112,000 students in 173 schools, centers, and programs. The school system celebrates talented leaders and staff, and richly diverse students. The core of its mission is high-quality instruction that prepares students for college and careers through a positive climate in every school and an emphasis on literacy across the subject areas.

The school system has earned a national reputation for academic rigor and student achievement for all and attracts recognition for its emphasis on college readiness, use of innovative technology, and the excellence of its high schools and fine arts instruction. The school system serves a community that wraps around but does not include Baltimore City. With more than 800,000 residents, Baltimore County features suburban, rural, and urban neighborhoods and reflects the nation’s blend of cultures and backgrounds.

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