Author visit inspires readers and writers at Rodgers Forge Elementary

dsc_0198Grade 5 students at Rodgers Forge Elementary School enjoyed a very special visit on Nov. 4 from award-winning author Roland Smith. Among many other novels, Smith wrote Peak, about a 14-year-old boy who climbs Mt. Everest. All Grade 5 classes are currently reading this book as their class “read-aloud.”

Smith talked about his experiences as a writer and took a great deal of time to answer student questions. The students were eager to learn more about all of the books he’s written and the process he uses while researching and developing ideas for his books.

The students appreciated having the chance to talk with a “real” author. “It was really cool to have the chance to ask Mr. Smith a bunch of questions today at school,” said Maddy Shaw. “I am also going to the event at Towson University this evening to hear him speak again.”

Many students left the experience with new ideas about how to be better writers.

Amelia Bolin said, “I thought it was really interesting how Mr. Smith came here to our school and shared a bunch of writing tips. One tip he said was to write about what you like. I’m now using that tip now as I work on my Genius Hour project in class.”

Sam Cook added, “Mr. Smith said to be a good writer you have to be a good reader.  I realize that I should read more books to help me improve my writing.”




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